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Healthy Talks and Tips during School Assemblies

In order to sensitize the children and staff about tropical diseases and healthy living, MOET conducts healthy talks and tips twice a week on  Mondays and Fridays during school assemblies.  This is done by school Health and Nutrition program in conjunction with Action for Natural Medicine (ANAMED – MOET) program.

Meetings for pupils guardians at MOET

MOET Management conducts guardian meetings in psycho-social counseling and hygiene as far as orphan hood is concerned.  They are sensitized in how to handle, care and treat orphans so that they live a normal life like any child who has both parents. This helps to groom the children into useful future citizens.

Aquaculture at MOET

MOET has an active aquaculture program.  3 ponds have been designed to raise fish for food and income generation.Fish harvested is eaten by learners and the surplus sold to staff and the general public.

Secondary school graduate, Hellen, helps out at MOET

Hellen Shawa joined MOET School some fifteen years ago as a nursery school pupil.   She is one of the pioneers of MOET School.  She just finished her secondary education in 2014 and is currently engaged with MOET to carry out a project in the villages.

Computer Training at MOET

Many people in Malawi don’t know how to work on a computer.  MOET provides computer lessons to learners from standard 5 to standard 8 as part of their vocational skills programme. Donations of used laptops and computers are welcome.  


The first class at nursery school which marked the beginning of MOET project has just graduated this year in 2014.  The 9 learners who have just finished their Form 4 are waiting for their Malawi School Certificate of Secondary Education examination results. Whilst they are waiting MOET has engaged these graduated students in various outreach programs.


Recently Tom Easterling has donated kits no longer needed by APYFC.


MOET is working with several community committees including TIYANJANE Support Group, which comprises of people living with HIV/AIDS. In its endeavor to improve the nutritional and health status for the said people MOET trains these committees in Kitchen gardens and natural medicine.  When Hilary and Liz (from the UK) visited MOET in 2013 and interacted…
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Jacob Sartorius is normally past due. He attained supported up through the studio room, in which he delivers two writers in human being regions churning aside songs in songs in songs. the age in partnership with the potential auditions (he newly certified through to UTA, one of the legal right talent support groups in Hollywood),…
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2013 has been a good year in terms of visitors at MOET. Hilary and Liz visited MOET and designed a vegetable garden with secondary school students.