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How intended for wealthy simply to attain millions of Robux available on Roblox in certain Cheats

The legit treatment for attract robux here at roblox is certainly all by placing and then giving your private principles and then creations. Yet this may capture generations to accomplish. Learning to be a strategic creator desires skill and a lot of hard movements. Just not just because it really is hard to construct and…
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Volunteer, Johannes’ recent experiences outside of MOET

The last weekend was a very nice one, because the class teacher of Standard 6 invited me to his home for lunch. We were eating “Nsima” (maize porridge, the Malawian national dish) with sweet potato leaves and freshly caught fish from Lake Malawi. Afterwards we hiked a small mountain (“Koche Hill”) next to his house…
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Volunteer, Johannes’ recent experiences at MOET – December 2015

The next week will be very important for the learners, as the “End of term one examinations” are taking place in all subjects and for all Standards from 1 to 8. As I have been teaching English Grammar in Standard 6 for almost 4 months now, these examinations will also be quite suspenseful for me.…
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Shopping online can earn FOMOE money through the platform

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be raising a free donation for FOMOE? There are nearly 3,000 retailers on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury’s – it doesn’t cost you a penny…
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2015 Tree Planting Exercise

During every rainy season the school carries out a tree planting month. The school children looks after the trees.  This exercise helps MOET grounds to look evergreen with fresh air.

Update on Aquaculture at MOET

As an environmentally friendly institution, MOET has fish stalked in a number of ponds. When harvested  we feed the children and sell the surp lus.  The recent floods swept away some fingerings as water ran above ponds level hence we are yet to replace.       

Compost Making at MOET

There was massive soil erosion due to heavy floods that hit most parts in Malawi.  In order to address the issue of soil fertility, MOET is building up compost heaps to feed the soil organically.  The idea is being passed on to village committees under.   The villagers are building up compost for their kitchen gardens…
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Teacher’s Meeting at MOET

Academic staff  meet regularly to discuss matters  pertaining to effective teaching and learning in order to come up with a result oriented approach.  At the beginning  and at the end of every school term they meet to assess and plan for the next term.  They also share responsibilities in extra curricular activities like sports and…
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End of School Term

At the end of every school term the whole school gather together where end of term examination results are announced.  Activities such as songs and dance, poems, brain teasers, and gift presentation spice up this occasion.

MOET ex-volunteer raises money for flood victims

Marie Blankenbanch one of the first group of  volunteers  fron Germany to MOET  haviing heard of the catastrophe that befallen theorphans at MOET raised MK300,000 for the victims. Below is a handing over of the equipment to the victims.