Article on MOET School in Malawi Nation – September 2010

Article on MOET School in Malawi Nation – September 2010

Angela Head (Trustee)

I am pleased to announce that the work done at MOET School received national coverage on 14th September 2010 on Malawi Nation’s news website: 

‘Plight of children along the lake’

‘The future of Annet Mdala, 15, of Mpemba Village T/A Mponda in Mangochi was full of doubt.  The girl, whose parents died when she was very young, lives in an area which is a fishing and toursim hub.  It is a conducive environment for sex trade.

This has lead to the spread of HIV/Aids and thereby increasing the number of orphans in the lakeshore villages of T/A Mponda.  Annet, like many other orphans in the southern Malawian district, does not have proper parental care.

This is why Patterson Majonanga, 47, a retired teacher, and his wife Rose decided to invest their pension money in establishing the Mangochi Orphans Education and Training Centre.  The Majonangas are from Mbera Village, T/A Kalembo in Balaka………’

Please click on the link here to read the full article:{73b4ef428908c4b299e6eb53a324bcb36b885dbbcbdcdf07470a14738ec65bc6}3Aplight-of-children-along-the-lake&catid=27{73b4ef428908c4b299e6eb53a324bcb36b885dbbcbdcdf07470a14738ec65bc6}3Adevelopment&Itemid=22.

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