April 2018 Report – Student Activities during Holiday

April 2018 Report – Student Activities during Holiday

Students had time off classes for two weeks due to holiday, as they prepare to start their third term. MOET encourages students to get engaged with activities that can help develop their future. During this holiday period, pupils were still visiting the institution to assist with watering the vegetable garden and cleaning the library (as seen in the pictures below). These activities complement the usual vocational skill training. Pupils choose to participate out of their own free will. This is a clear indication that pupils are proud of their school and see everything as an opportunity to learn and better themselves.

A sponsored secondary school student watering the MOET vegetable garden

Students removing cobwebs in the library during their holidays

The visit to the MOET library, by secondary school students, is also very beneficial to the students because they get to use the well-stocked library.  MOET has learned that most secondary schools do not have better reference books for students to use, during their studies.


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