✨Student Success!✨

✨Student Success!✨

Enock and Precious were two students at MOET who were able to attend because of the generous donations from their sponsors. We wanted to share this fantastic news.

Enock has secured a job since finishing education.

This is an excerpt from the letter we received from one of the MOET fundraisers involved in organising student sponsorship.

Quite a miracle for that particular industry in these Corona times, but he messaged me to say he and some of his classmates were interviewed by a Travel Company in Llilongwe and he was offered a top position in a new venture as the Bookings & Customer Services Officer! He is OVER THE MOON.

He has asked me to thank each one of you as it is because of you that now his dreams are actually coming true!

It was due to the Advanced Diploma he now has that he was offered the better position with better pay and prospects, so he is absolutely thrilled.

A number of his classmates were also employed in other positions so he is happy to be able to find accommodation in a huge new city with friends. 

I also want to let you know of the one lad, Harry (a contemporary of Enock & Precious) who I have personally assisted, is now doing phenomenal things in his local community with Permaculture and ANAMED (Action for Natural Medicine), offering locals access to vital medicines and sustainable skills for growing their own food effectively despite droughts etc…

I have set up a Go Fund Me campaign to further develop these projects. Please take a look and donate if you feel inspired, any contribution will have a huge impact. We are half way to our target… :


Your involvement has been so crucial to Enock and Precious’s lives and for me has been a heart-warming reminder of the good that exists in this world. Thank you for your inspiration, for trusting me and for the ways you’ve showed up. 

If there’s a chance you’d consider sponsoring a child through school, then your money will be directed straight to support MOET where both boys began, and would be VERY gratefully received. Corona times have been very challenging for the School’s funds and for some pupils the meal they receive there is the only food they’ll get to eat each day (as it is a day school).

You can find more information on how to donate on our website.