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What is FOMOE

We are a registered charity, based in the UK, which raises funds to advance the education, relieve poverty and sickness and enhance the preservation and protection of good health of children in Malawi who are orphaned, in particular but not exclusively by helping to fund a school known as  ‘Mangochi Orphans Education and Training’ (MOET)

Why was FOMOE set up?

Since MOET School started in 1999 it has been mainly reliant on just a few generous benefactors.

In addition to this there have been 4 people who have been raising funds in their own communities in the UK independently – all connected to the school in their own way.  Early in 2010 they came together to form a charity.

FOMOE was set up to bring those efforts together in a co-ordinated way and to help put the school on a more secure financial footing by widening the donor base.

This should enable MOET School to not only carry on doing its good work but also to develop new initiatives to enhance the lives and futures of its pupils and the communities they live in.

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FOMOE Trustees

Robin Clarke Chair

Robin was a Commodity Futures Broker for many years before retraining in Organic Horticulture.
In 2002 he responded to an advertisement asking for volunteers to help develop a Permaculture project at an orphan school in Malawi (MOET School). The school at that time had only 30 children. He visited for 7 weeks, and was so impressed by the school and the headmaster Patterson Majonanga, that he has been returning every year to help.

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James Brittain Secondary School Sponshorship

James Brittain is a teacher and Careers Advisor at a large boarding school in Somerset, England. He organises sponsored walks during the holidays and oversees the sponsorship of the pupils that leave MOET and progress onto secondary school. 

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Ben Kelly Marketing, Fundraising

Ben, a Marketing graduate, first learned about MOET School from his uncle, Robin Clarke.  In 2013, Ben and his wife quit their jobs to spend a year travelling and volunteering around the world. The last leg of their adventure was spent visiting MOET School. Ever since, they have felt a deep connection with the school and project.
Born and bred in the UK, Ben now resides in Colorado, USA, with his wife and daughter.

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Grahame Wood Treasurer

Before retiring in 2004, Grahame had a full career from teaching maths and physics to land transport consultant to working in telecoms in connection with developing countries. In 2009, he helped in the formation of FOMOE as a charity.

Since then Grahame has been reviewing the monthly MOET accounts and has assisted Robin and Patterson each year with the formulation of MOET’s budget.

Mail Grahame Wood

Kate Bernard Volunteer Liaison

Kate is a medical student with special interest in global health and neglected tropical diseases. She spent 4 months volunteering at MOET in 2015 and was so impressed by the school that she wanted to become a long-term part of the FOMOE team. She is now responsible for supporting future MOET volunteers.

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Moet School Team

Patterson Majonanga Director

Patterson is the Director and founder of MOET. He is responsible for the smooth running of MOET affairs. He founded MOET some 15 years ago and is an educationalist by profession.

Mail Patterson Majonanga

Charles Matabwa Headmaster

Charles is a teacher by profession and is the head of the academic department. He is responsible for the proper running of the primary school and teachers records and performance.

Josephine Saidi Finance & Administration Officer

Josephine is an Accountant by profession and she is the head of finance and Administration department.

Mercy Chimenya Programmes Officer

Mercy is responsible for the collection and maintenance of data and coordination of activities for all programs namely: Academic, Outreach, Vocational Skills permaculture and ANAMED and Secondary School Sponsorship.

Blessings Nachanje Secondary School Liaison Officer, Vocational Skills Supervisor & Librarian

Since September 2014 Blessings has been responsible for secondary school liaison, working on our student sponsorship programme. She also supervises the vocational skills which are taught in our dedicated block and is also the school’s Librarian.

Single Gabriel Site maintenance

Single is a brick layer and carpenter by profession is the head of maintenance and renovation department. He is responsible for the maintenance and repairing of MOET assets.

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And help create a brighter future for the children.



MOET School is entirely dependent on donations and goodwill. Regular and single donations will help secure the future of the school on a day to day basis and could fund further outreach programs to help the community at large.

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There are many ways you can help raise funds – be it organizing an event in your company or community or getting sponsorship for something you dare yourself (and possibly others) to do, or simply remembering to shop online via the portal.

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Want to volunteer? MOET School values volunteers. Whether you are 18 or 68, stay for one week or one year, we value your contribution. You don’t need a degree or a professional qualification or to pay for the privilege of volunteering at the school, you just need a warm heart and a focused mind.

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