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VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – Week 10 19th June 2015

I told myself when I arrived that getting to Week 10 would be a milestone and here I am. More than halfway there now. 7 weeks until  home! Going back is going to be a big shock in a lot of ways. The strangeness and contrast in what I’ve seen of the world so far has made quite an impression.… Read More

Long-time friends of MOET visit the school after 5 years – May 2015

Together with Hilary Hegarty and Rosemary Wright, we returned to MOET for the first time in 5 years in May. We were impressed by the growth of MOET and the development of expertise within the staff team. More than anything we were left with the impression of pupils and staff working together very positively and having fun while doing so.… Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – Week 9 12th June 2015

Another good week here in Mangochi. Especially the weekend, when Mike, Sue, Hilary and Rosemary were here. We went round to eat at Father Eston’s house on Friday and had a great time. We sat out on the veranda with Eston’s big family and had a lovely help-yourself-to-seconds sort of meal. The Chief of the local villages (a chief of chiefs really) was there and he was very interesting to talk to.… Read More


On Friday last week it was sports day at MOET. The morning was thankfully quite cloudy. It started with long distance races.Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – Week 6 (22nd May 2015)

This week was a sad one – on Monday my Grandpa died. It wasn’t a shock, we knew last week he’d taken a turn for the worst, so at least the family was prepared for it. It’s strange being so far away at a time like this. I wish I could go home and give everyone a hug. People here have been lovely about it though. I took the day off school on Tuesday and in the afternoon four of the staff came round to the cottage to see me and say they were sorry about the news. Little things… Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – Week 5 (15th May 2015)

Another week gone by. I’ve been here  over a month now. (Would say the time has flown by, but it hasn’t really.) Although I have been very busy recently. It was the leaving do for the Standard 8s on Saturday. Those children will be sad to say goodbye to MOET. As well as having given them stuff like stationery and clothes, shoes, even soap and toothbrushes, it’s been their place of security – somewhere where they’ve been looked after and valued… which they might not otherwise have had, growing up as orphans and vulnerable children. Nearly all of the Standard… Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – 30th April 2015 (Week 3)

Regular as clockwork – please find the next weekly installment of Kate’s volunteer experience at MOET: Thursday 30th April I’m writing the blog a bit early this week because the bank holiday means we get Friday off school! So I won’t be able to post it tomorrow. Deffo feeling ready for a few days off! I’ve been busy at MOET with English and ICT lessons, plus helping a couple of the staff with their computer admin. We’ve managed to scan and send off (to the UK) the school reports for the ex-MOET pupils who are now at secondary school (with… Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – 24th April 2015 (Week 2)

Friday 24th April Can’t believe this is only the second week it feels like ages since I last clapped eyes on England. I’ve settled in here at lot more now though. … Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – 17th April 2015 (Week 1 – first impressions)

I’m not sure where to start! Still getting my head around it all. It’s been quite a week. I arrived in Malawi last Saturday – here to volunteer at Mangochi Orphans Education and Training (MOET) school. The headteacher, Patterson Majonanga and his wife Rose met me at Blantyre airport. On the way up to Mangochi we stopped at the hospital to visit their 17 year old niece. She had AIDS. She died the next day. I’m staying at Mpemba Cottage right on the shore of Lake Malawi. It did need a bit of cleaning up. I think by now I… Read More


My name is Ayla Becker and I am a GIZ volunteer from Germany. I’ve been staying in Malawi and working at Moet school for 10 months now and unfortunately this is my last week. It has been a great time working with the children and teachers at this school, they made this year to an unforgettable experience for me.… Read More

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