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Patterson’s blog: Howzat? Moet welcomes English visitors for a game of cricket!

Have you ever experienced a visit that you feel you may not forget for the rest of your life? This month we were really pleased to welcome a father and son team , Steve and Derrick, from England who came to find out about our work. Patterson took great pleasure in showing them around the school and they were particularly interested in our permaculture and vegetation projects. They also visited all of classes from standard 1 to 8. Pupils were really interested to find out about their favourite game which is cricket. Howzat? Would you be interested in finding out… Read More

Computer Classes – by Bernd Möllmann

One of our wonderful (current) volunteers, Bernd Möllmann, shares a yet another wonderful post, full of pictures. This time, he looks back on a memorable second week week with MOET: “Hello, During my second week at MOET School, I’ve experienced many different things. I took part in the school lessons, participated at the Sports Program on Thursday and got a short introduction to the Vocational Skills Program in the afternoon classes. In between, we organised the computer room and started a new computer class, not only for the learners, but also for the teachers.” Below are some pictures of Bernd and… Read More

Wildlife Trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear – by Bernd Möllmann

One of our wonderful (current) volunteers, Bernd Möllmann, shares a fantastic adventure he had in his first week with MOET: “Hello, My name is Bernd and this February/March, I’m doing a practical training for about four weeks at MOET-School in Malawi. I would like to give you a short overview of the wildlife-trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear during my first week at MOET. Wildlife Trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear On Friday morning, the mixed group of about 16 children in different age, guided by three teachers and me, went to the lake shore… Read More

MOET Volunteer Embraces Action on Natural Medicine (ANAMED)

MOET is implementing a program called Action on Natural Medicine (ANAMED). … Read More

Volunteer Rowan’s 2nd week at MOET – August 2016

It was all fun and games for Rowan in his second week at MOET: This week saw me making my teaching debut at MOET, as I was assigned to teach English and Geography to MOET graduates who return in the summer holidays for supplementary secondary lessons (free of charge). My first English lesson was on modifiers; of which according to the grammar book I referenced there are three types; positive, comparative and superlative. I found it initially difficult to gauge the class (Form 4 next year, the final year of secondary), but was soon given an explanation as to why… Read More

18 year old Rowan volunteers for a month at MOET July-Aug 2016

Rowan’s first week and first impressions…… I’ve just completed the first week of my month in Malawi where I’m at MOET school, doing some work with returning secondary students and some football coaching later on in my stay.  Before leaving London I had been under the impression my journey to Malawi was a long one;  a total of about 24 hours; but on the plane to South Africa my neighbour was a Canadian architect travelling to the Gambia. His journey duration dwarfed mine. He had had to fly from Vancouver to London before heading to Africa with me; when he… Read More

MEET THE CHILDREN AT MOET – new video from volunteer Kate

In her 3 months volunteering at MOET, 18 year old Kate Bernard managed to interview over 50 pupils, past and present and get lots of video footage.  This is the first in a series of beautifully edited videos, which give such a great insight into the life of MOET – its school and its outreach projects. Watch out for the next one…. Meet the Teachers!  … Read More


This is the first of Johannes’s monthly blogs: Sunday, 30th of August Hello, and a warm welcome to my blog! For those who don’t know me: My name is Johannes Lau, I come from Germany and from the beginning of this August I will be doing a voluntary service at MOET school (Mangochi Orphans Education and Training) in Malawi for 1 year. I will be following Kate as a volunteer here, and luckily I have had a few days of overlap with her and her sister Ruth so they could explain me the most important things I need to… Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – Week 12 Friday 3rd July

Not one of my better weeks. I’ve been Struck Down with a cold since Monday. Hopefully I’m on the mend now. The weekend was a nice one however. Last Friday, we had a school trip Monkey Bay! We set off in 3 pick-ups, the kids rode in the back and sang songs on the way. Monkey Bay is a Trading Centre about 40 minutes north up the lakeshore, with a big boatyard – it’s there where most of Lake Malawi’s boats get built and registered. But we were going there for sports, to play matches against another primary school. MOET’s… Read More

VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE – Week 13 Friday 10th July

An uneventful, happy week really. Maybe because I’ve got Ruth to look forward to. I am SO excited to see her, and to see what she makes of it all – this Malawi life which has become familiar to me, but actually seems like worlds away from Whashton life! Last Saturday we had the Education Day at Koche primary school. There were plenty of people there. It was interesting to see the children from other schools, and the messages about teenage pregnancy and sanitation came across really well. The MOET kids did a great job with their drama! It was… Read More

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