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August 2018 Report – Nature living in harmony at MOET

Due to the availability of different vegetation species, MOET’s surroundings inhabit and are frequently visited by a diverse species of organisms such as birds, snakes, lizards and insects. A couple of weeks ago, the premises became home to a colony of stray bees that sought refuge in one of the used vehicle tyres strategically placed as a decorative recycled object. People were a little worried due to the bees close proximity to busy areas. To our surprise, one of the caretakers of the surrounding, volunteered to re-locate them. Collected in the tyre, he did so with no beekeeper handling suit… Read More

August 2018 Report – Aquaculture products harvest for income and food boost

As covered in the past, MOET is still maintaining aquaculture where fish is stocked for fingerling sales, mature fish sales and as a protein supplement for the students (under school feeding program). In August, MOET decided to harvest some fish as a routine process, which also fell nicely in time for replenish the water in the ponds. Some of the harvested fish were sold and some were given to pupils as relish during lunches. Harvesting is simply done using drag nets.  … Read More

August 2018 Report – Food lean season begins as MOET buys maize in bulk for storage

There are seasons in the year when food becomes scarce in Malawi. This happens partly due to weather and also the higher demand for consumption than what the country can produce. These seasons are earmarked by the rapid increase in the price of the staple food which is maize. To survive the season, MOET thought it wise to buy maize in advance, before the price hikes occurred. The maize was treated from weevils and proper packing for storage took place. Read More

August 2018 Report – Refresher course on Action on Natural Medicine (ANAMED) Project

Per previous posts, ANAMED is a very relevant MOET project. From time-to-time, updates are provided on the project. The programme is carried out to promote the value of vegetation in providing natural medicine to the community, which is a cheaper and more sustainable option. At MOET, the program is very important in the sense that it also provide the institution with an alternative source of income after processing and packaging herb of medicinal content. Some of the packaged natural medicines are Neem and Aloe. During the August, MOET conducted a refresher course to update key staff on how medicinal plants can… Read More

July 2018 Report – Paul’s Farewell Party!

On a sad note, during the teacher’s commitment cerebration, Paul Heck, one of MOET’s fantastic German Volunteers, bade farewell to the staff. He has worked with MOET for a year, and will be remembered for his hard-working spirit and in various supporting roles to pupils at the institution. He will mostly be missed by Standard Five pupils in the Mathematics and English lessons.     Paul told the audience that while in Malawi, he has learned a lot. One of the important things he has learned is the vernacular Chewa language of Malawi, and the negotiating skills with sellers when… Read More

July 2018 Report – MOET’s Esteemed Staff Members Rewarded

MOET administration is aware of the key requirements needed to realise its objective of achieving provision of equal, quality education to Orphans and Vulnerable Children. To achieve this, the institution recognised staff efforts. In the month, after pupils had left for their holidays, MOET organised a special commitment recognition ceremony to its staff. Best performers were congratulated with parcels wrapped in decorated papers and some a cash bonus in khaki envelopes. The function of congratulating the workers is done annually.   Staff award days are often coupled with a general cleaning done in the early hours of the day before… Read More

July 2018 Report – Term Three Closing Day

Following the education calendar of Malawi, the school year closes after three full terms that mostly end in July every year. Upon the closing day, MOET reward pupils who have performed well. This is done to encourage hard working and excellence among them. On Closing Day, a number of activities such as drama, role plays and poems are performed. Read More

July 2018 Report – MOET distributing Relief Items

MOET being a supporter of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, is recognised and entrusted by charity organizations and other well-wishers across the world (via FOMOE) to providing children with what they need. In the coldest month of July, the MOET provided pupils with clothing and bedding to keep them warm. Thanks to you all for continued support!    … Read More

June 2018 Report – We’re all Busy Bees!

Permaculture is taught to pupils of MOET. Students are made aware of the importance of how we treat the natural environment, directly impacts how we can use/harvest the natural environment. Amongst other things, pupils learn about the necessary vegetation to attract bees. A swarm of bees came and nested in one of the trees, at MOET. This was an opportunity to have the bees colonise in the beehives hanging in the forest area, close to the institution. At MOET, bees are kept traditionally. Hives are made from a variety of materials such tree bark, hollowed tree trunks, baskets etc. Honey… Read More

June 2018 Report – MOET celebrates children born with Albinism

Life has many important elements that are sometimes neglected by others. However, MOET prides itself on being compassionate to all children regardless of their appearance, background or disability. In June, the institution celebrated children born with albinism at Cape Maclear. Clothing and soaps were presented to them during the visit. Cape Maclear is located about 49 kilometers north. The area has quite a large number of children born with albinism. Amongst other needful items is sun protection (sun cream/sun screen), but it’s not easily accessible and thus; it’s very expensive. Read More

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