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January 2018 Update – National Reading Programme

National Reading Programmes were introduced by the Ministry of Education to promote the reading culture among primary school pupils in Malawi. The aim is to improve academic excellence and lift education standards in Malawi. Primary Education Advisors have been tasked with the responsibility of improving the quality of education within the country. Therefore, in January, MOET arranged a special training class for the teachers. During the class, two Primary Education Advisors (PEAs) were invited to facilitate the training. MOET teachers are now able to apply the skills acquired from the PEAs. Additionally, the PEAs are also going to periodically check Read More

January 2018 Update – MOET receives more computers

In January, MOET received a container of ten computers and accessories from FOMOE. The items were donated in support of the Computer Operations lessons, an extracurricular education that’s intended to impart computer skills to the MOET orphans and vulnerable children. The donated computers are a welcomed addition to the MOET computer room, where there was a noticeable shortfall in quality and quantity. Upon seeing the consignment, learners were excited about the new equipment and opportunity MOET now has to make strides in Tech Education. Learners from Standards Five to Eight, plus secondary school (MOET Alumni) students will benefit from the… Read More

December 2017 Update – The Lions Club

The Lions Club is a philanthropic organization that, among other things, is concerned with the degrading state of the natural environmental. In December, the club visited MOET to appreciate the efforts in conserving the environment. Members of the club participated in a tree-planting exercise. The key message, relayed to MOET’s students, was that the natural environment has/will have an impact on the success of their lives. Therefore, we should be looking after the environment, and it will look after us.Read More

MOET Food Extension Program

Food scarcity is a big problem, this time of the year. Therefore, MOET conducted a food distribution exercise… Read More

MOET trains local Village Leaders in Permaculture

MOET values the collaborative management of natural resources because it plays a vital role in the maintenance or recovery of Malawi’s beautiful environment.… Read More

MOET Volunteer Embraces Action on Natural Medicine (ANAMED)

MOET is implementing a program called Action on Natural Medicine (ANAMED). … Read More

Former Students return to MOET as teachers

MOET School’s goal has always been to shape the future of destitute orphans and vulnerable children into responsible citizens who are economically empowered.… Read More

May 2017 – Update

MOET PRIMARY SCHOOL OUTGOINGS MOET Standard 8 Students wrote the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Examinations in the month after three-months of boarding at the School Campus.  STD 8 Pupils posing before Exams The institution organized a Farewell Party for their outgoing pupils with their teachers just before sitting for their examinations and the pictures below are moments of events during the celebration period. Students’ section during the party.            Teachers section during the party.         During the party, remarkable achievers were awarded with assorted gifts MOET has graduated a total of 31pupils (11 boys and 20 girls) in… Read More

March 2017 – Update

New Projector As part of vocational skills development program, apart from computer operation training, learners had an access to LCD projector viewing. During this time, pupils had chance to viewing themselves in the different activities they had been performing in class, at the playground and during entertainment activities like drama and variety shows. This also gave them chance to refresh their brains. The projector is a very welcome addition to the classroom. Heartfelt thanks to Solon Foundation for donating it to the school!  (some years ago they donated computers also) is a charity based in Canada that works with… Read More

January 2017 – Update

MOET BEST PERFORMERS AS OF JANUARY,2017. During the month of January 2017, many learners performed well in their respective classes. On average, the pupils shown below were selected as overall best performers for January 2017.   From left above:  Nancy Jafali and Shalif Omar – Best perfomers at MOET nursery school The above named students are well disciplined and always listen attentively when in class hence their best performance.   Daudi Dinaya amongst the best performers   Daudi Dinaya is12 years of old and comes from Chipoka Village in the Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi District. He is in Standard… Read More

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