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December 2018 Report- Awards ceremony marks end of year.

Pupils have come back refreshed from their Christmas break and they still remember the celebrations to mark the end of term and the rewards for their academic successes. There was a fantastic closing ceremony  to mark the end of term and celebrate academic achievement. Awards were given to pupils who had performed the best in the term. They were delighted to be given prizes such as books and pens. Read More

December 2018 Report- A Belated Happy New Year from Moet

Staff and pupils enjoyed celebrating the festive season together . Moet staff enjoyed teaching children about the spirit of the season and marking the occasion with special food and dancing.  The Children and staff of Moet would like to wish all sponsors and friends a very happy 2019. Mangochi Orphan Education and Training (MOET) would like to extend their very best wishes to all well-wishers who are always with us in their memories and those that have supported or do support the institution in various ways. Your support can never go unnoticed as you contribute to the realisation of our successes Read More

December 2018 Report: Early season floods in Mangochi

The rain season in Mangochi and around MOET in the month has unfortunately  started very strongly with a number of areas flooded and houses submerged. In Mangochi alone and close to MOET, a total of 128 households have been destroyed by floods which all happened by the third week of December. Although the area is prone to floods, experts are saying these have started early this year as usually the  area is subjected to huge amounts of rain in  late January and in February. The picture shown was taken on the road which is at a distance of less than 50 metres from the MOET campus. You Read More

Computer Classes – by Bernd Möllmann

One of our wonderful (current) volunteers, Bernd Möllmann, shares a yet another wonderful post, full of pictures. This time, he looks back on a memorable second week week with MOET: “Hello, During my second week at MOET School, I’ve experienced many different things. I took part in the school lessons, participated at the Sports Program on Thursday and got a short introduction to the Vocational Skills Program in the afternoon classes. In between, we organised the computer room and started a new computer class, not only for the learners, but also for the teachers.” Below are some pictures of Bernd and… Read More

Wildlife Trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear – by Bernd Möllmann

One of our wonderful (current) volunteers, Bernd Möllmann, shares a fantastic adventure he had in his first week with MOET: “Hello, My name is Bernd and this February/March, I’m doing a practical training for about four weeks at MOET-School in Malawi. I would like to give you a short overview of the wildlife-trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear during my first week at MOET. Wildlife Trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear On Friday morning, the mixed group of about 16 children in different age, guided by three teachers and me, went to the lake shore… Read More

Meet Meria!

Meet the MOET student that’s going places. You may remember that last academic year, 70% of MOET’s Standard 8 class not only made in through primary school but also qualified for secondary school – an incredible achievement by Malawi standards. And now for some more exciting news… The same academic year, we had an exceptional former-MOET student flourish at Secondary School: Meria Kasambala. She scored 10 points over her 6 best subjects including English in her MSCE. For those of you unfamiliar with the grading system in Malawi, A* (star)=1 point, A=2, B=3, C=5 etc. Therefore, Meria averaged between an A*… Read More

Former Students return to MOET as teachers

MOET School’s goal has always been to shape the future of destitute orphans and vulnerable children into responsible citizens who are economically empowered.… Read More

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