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Pattersons update January to March 2016 – whose been visiting MOET lately?

Printer, Projector and Medication.  Help from far and near – read about visitors to MOET in Patterson’s latest quarterly Update. New Volunteer – Karin from Sweden brings teaching skills and printer The month continued with the unexpected arrival of a new volunteer: Karin, a professional primary school teacher from Sweden. She stayed in Mangochi with her husband for a few months and came to MOET three times a week using a minibus! She helped us with new teaching skills in English Grammar and Social/ Environmental Skills in Standard 7. Read More

Ever wondered what students do when they leave MOET?

Watch this short video and listen to some great stories showing the different pathways available to ex-students…… Meet Emmanuel, Kadijah, Salome…and Brenda, Martha, Joyce & John       … Read More

Meet MOET Students – Shafiluna Bwanali

His cheeky face is in our main promotional photo, featured on Facebook and our web site, taken over 5 years ago. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself: “My name is Shaf and I am 14 years old. I enjoyed MOET because we learnt many things such as vocational skills and games. I like to play football, and I like English because it is the key subject in school. In the future I want to have a nice job, and I want to assist my grandmother and my sisters. I don’t have any parents, and I Read More


Many of the students at MOET have to walk 10 miles or more miles a day to get to and from the school. In sympathy with this three Year 13 students are walking five miles to and from the Latymer School, Edmonton every day, for a total of 50 miles each, in the week 29 February to 4 March. Please show your support for this brilliant idea by liking and/or sharing this post and, if you are able, make a donation through their fundraising site for FOMOE: Read More

MEET BRIAN LIKASWE AT MOET – and learn about natural medicine and sustainable farming

During her 3 months at MOET Kate Bernard managed to interview and film many pupils and teachers. Meet Brian Likaswe in this 4 minute video and learn about the great sustainable methods used to produce crops and natural medicines at MOET – lemongrass for fever, aloe vera for burns, honey and vegetable crops for the students to eat and to sell  … Read More


Fortunately a few months ago Patterson anticipated that, due to crop failures following the terrible floods last year, the maize prices would sky-rocket and proposed to buy it in bulk before  this happened. And thanks to the generous donation from the Bernard family he was able to do so. This means that all our pupils at MOET School can at least be sure to have one meal a day during these difficult times!   Children at MOET eating their mealie (maize meal)Read More

MOET gives as well as receives – Pattersons Q4 2015 Update

MOET gives as well as receives locally It’s been a really busy quarter with so many positive things to report on from MOET MOET RECEIVES MOET receives help and donations, sourced outside of FOMOE funds: 1. ELMA workshop In November, MOET Director Patterson Majonaga and accountant Josephine Saidi took part in a 3-day workshop offered by ELMA in Lilongwe. The topics of the workshop was mainly financial management. In the picture, you can see a group photo of all of the participants inside Crossroads Hotel.… Read More

Annual newsletter looking back at 2015 – from Robin, Chair of Trustees (Jan 2016)

New Year’s Greetings from us all at FOMOE and MOET School Looking back at 2015 Floods It all started on a very wet note at MOET as heavy rains caused extensive damage to villages nearby especially to mud built houses many of which were swept away into the lake. More than half of MOET children were affected and although school structures escaped undamaged most of the permaculture gardens were washed away and fish were lost when the ponds overflowed. I know everyone in Malawi will sympathise with our friends in the north of England who suffering similar experiences right now.… Read More

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Volunteer, Johannes’ recent experiences outside of MOET

The last weekend was a very nice one, because the class teacher of Standard 6 invited me to his home for lunch. We were eating “Nsima” (maize porridge, the Malawian national dish) with sweet potato leaves and freshly caught fish from Lake Malawi. Afterwards we hiked a small mountain (“Koche Hill”) next to his house and he was quite proud to show me some pieces of the Malawian infrastructure like a big water tank, which is supplying all of the surrounding villages with treated drinking water and a very high mobile phone tower by the Malawian network TNM. On our… Read More

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MOET School is entirely dependent on donations and goodwill. Regular and single donations will help secure the future of the school on a day to day basis and could fund further outreach programs to help the community at large.

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There are many ways you can help raise funds – be it organizing an event in your company or community or getting sponsorship for something you dare yourself (and possibly others) to do, or simply remembering to shop online via the portal.

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Want to volunteer? MOET School values volunteers. Whether you are 18 or 68, stay for one week or one year, we value your contribution. You don’t need a degree or a professional qualification or to pay for the privilege of volunteering at the school, you just need a warm heart and a focused mind.

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