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February 2018 Update – Instilling Love of Education

MOET emphasises the importance of instilling the love of education among pupils. This is a key secret to future independence of the children. During the food scarcity month of February, when produce is not yet ready, pupils stay away from school due to lack of food. This was the reason for establishing the school feeding program in some schools in Malawi. Recognising the problem, MOET had to make sure that pupils are well fed as soon as they arrive at school during the month. The picture below are pupils lining up for food before they get into their classes.… Read More

February 2018 Update – Arts & Drawing Club Trip to Lake Malawi Museum

MOET pupils belong to different clubs of their choice according to their talents, interests and skills. MOET encourages this kind of extra-curricular activity because it can bring out the various talents hidden in children. The Arts and Drawing Club is one such club. During the month, the club, led by two teachers who are also a patron and a matron of the group, made a visit to the Lake Malawi Museum to see artistic artifacts being stored in them. The Museum is found at Mangochi Boma. Therefore, apart from learning, the trip was also a refreshing change of scenery for… Read More

February 2018 Update – MOET Guardians Interface Meeting in support of Quality Education

Quality education demands support from all the involved stakeholders of a school, such as education authorities, teachers and parents/guardians. Realising that most of the pupils from junior classes lose their text books, MOET organised an interface meeting with guardians to discuss the need to help pupils take care of their books that they receive at the school. Parents/guardians acknowledged that this happens mostly during the rainy season where books are lost due to leaking houses. The Director insisted that parents should do more to protect the scarce books from being damaged in any way, where possible.  Meanwhile, MOET has resolved… Read More

February 2018 Update – Small Economic Business

MOET provides orphans with materials to support their academic studies. This support comes from friends, donors and well-wishers. Recognising the unpredictability of donor support and the need to drive towards self-sustainability, MOET has implemented small enterprises within the community. The idea was adopted by MOET to initiate some income-generating activity. A shelter is being constructed close to the tarmac road, and will be used to sell vegetables. … Read More

Computer Classes – by Bernd Möllmann

One of our wonderful (current) volunteers, Bernd Möllmann, shares a yet another wonderful post, full of pictures. This time, he looks back on a memorable second week week with MOET: “Hello, During my second week at MOET School, I’ve experienced many different things. I took part in the school lessons, participated at the Sports Program on Thursday and got a short introduction to the Vocational Skills Program in the afternoon classes. In between, we organised the computer room and started a new computer class, not only for the learners, but also for the teachers.” Below are some pictures of Bernd and… Read More

January 2018 Update- Security House Construction

Keeping the MOET premises secure from theft is very important. Therefore, the institution employs watchmen to hover around the premises at nighttime. During the day, they are stationed at the main gate. Previously, these guards were reliant upon the shade of a tree that is fairly close to the entrance. However, MOET has decided that they should be strategically positioned directly at the main gate. This way, the watchmen are vigilant to all visitors and persons entering and exiting the premises. In light of this, a Security Building is now under construction.… Read More

January 2018 Update- Kitchen and Stores Maintenance

MOET’s Kitchen is one of the oldest buildings on the campus. Its old age is visible from cracks developing on its walls. This is due to the softness of its base. In January, MOET carried out a maintenance work to reinforce the building. There are a few other buildings that are developing small cracks, but not to the same extent.… Read More

January 2018 Update – Clubs and Society Days at MOET

As a School, MOET is full of activities throughout the year. The activities are designed in a way that allow pupils to both acquire new knowledge, and also to gain an understanding of social practices that could have a negative or positive bearing on their livelihood. Such activities are performed in clubs, such as the  Anti Aids (EDZI TOTO) and the Permaculture Club. During the month, these clubs conduct activity days. For example, Anti Aids Days are done to :

  •  communicate the negative practices that accelerate transmission of HIV
  •  advocate the importance of refraining from all practices that could expose
Read More

January 2018 Update – Vocational Skills at MOET

MOET continues to develop the Vocational Skills Training Programme. The programme equips students with a variety of skills which they can later apply to earn a living, or to be self-supportive. During January, MOET focused on training students (especially girls) in carpentry and computer operation, amongst other things.… Read More

January 2018 Update – National Reading Programme

National Reading Programmes were introduced by the Ministry of Education to promote the reading culture among primary school pupils in Malawi. The aim is to improve academic excellence and lift education standards in Malawi. Primary Education Advisors have been tasked with the responsibility of improving the quality of education within the country. Therefore, in January, MOET arranged a special training class for the teachers. During the class, two Primary Education Advisors (PEAs) were invited to facilitate the training. MOET teachers are now able to apply the skills acquired from the PEAs. Additionally, the PEAs are also going to periodically check Read More

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