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January 2018 Update – Vocational Skills at MOET

MOET continues to develop the Vocational Skills Training Programme. The programme equips students with a variety of skills which they can later apply to earn a living, or to be self-supportive. During January, MOET focused on training students (especially girls) in carpentry and computer operation, amongst other things.… Read More

January 2018 Update – National Reading Programme

National Reading Programmes were introduced by the Ministry of Education to promote the reading culture among primary school pupils in Malawi. The aim is to improve academic excellence and lift education standards in Malawi. Primary Education Advisors have been tasked with the responsibility of improving the quality of education within the country. Therefore, in January, MOET arranged a special training class for the teachers. During the class, two Primary Education Advisors (PEAs) were invited to facilitate the training. MOET teachers are now able to apply the skills acquired from the PEAs. Additionally, the PEAs are also going to periodically check Read More

January 2018 Update – MOET receives more computers

In January, MOET received a container of ten computers and accessories from FOMOE. The items were donated in support of the Computer Operations lessons, an extracurricular education that’s intended to impart computer skills to the MOET orphans and vulnerable children. The donated computers are a welcomed addition to the MOET computer room, where there was a noticeable shortfall in quality and quantity. Upon seeing the consignment, learners were excited about the new equipment and opportunity MOET now has to make strides in Tech Education. Learners from Standards Five to Eight, plus secondary school (MOET Alumni) students will benefit from the… Read More

Wildlife Trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear – by Bernd Möllmann

One of our wonderful (current) volunteers, Bernd Möllmann, shares a fantastic adventure he had in his first week with MOET: “Hello, My name is Bernd and this February/March, I’m doing a practical training for about four weeks at MOET-School in Malawi. I would like to give you a short overview of the wildlife-trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear during my first week at MOET. Wildlife Trip to Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear On Friday morning, the mixed group of about 16 children in different age, guided by three teachers and me, went to the lake shore… Read More

Who are we?

We are a UK-based charity that raises funds to educate and train the orphans & vulnerable children that attend the Mangochi Orphans Education and Training (MOET) School in Mangochi, Malawi.  Founded over 10 years ago, MOET School has been mainly reliant on just a few generous benefactors. Four people began independently raising funds, within their own UK communities; all connected to the school in their own way. In early 2010, these individuals came together to form a charity: FOMOE. Launching FOMOE brought the efforts together in a coordinated way, and put the school on a more secure financial footing by… Read More

December 2017 Update – Sad News

While December was the end of the academic term  and a fun, festive month, with some exciting things happening, the month had started with a very sad moment. Unfortunately,  we lost one of the oldest-serving and dedicated members of MOET, Miss. Sellina Nguluwe.  Selina, 39, died of High Blood Pressure in the early hours of Friday, 1st December 2017. She is survived by three children: two boys and one girl. She joined MOET in 2005 and has served as a Nursery School Teacher and later worked as a Stores Clerk. May Her Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.… Read More

December 2017 Update – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

A belated Merry Christmas to and from everyone at MOET! The students and teachers celebrated Christmas and New Year in style. Pupils spent the whole day at the school. Breakfast, a salivating lunch and dancing were part of the celebrations.… Read More

December 2017 Update – Close of Academic Term at MOET

December marked the end of a second academic term, giving way for the children to celebrate Christmas on 25th of December, and New Year. Aside from these seasonal celebrations, excelling pupils had cause to celebrate their own performance through public announcement of names and their corresponding positions in class by their teachers. Entertaining activities such as drama, poems, role-plays and songs dialogue provided a real feel-good factor for the day.… Read More

December 2017 Update – The Lions Club

The Lions Club is a philanthropic organization that, among other things, is concerned with the degrading state of the natural environmental. In December, the club visited MOET to appreciate the efforts in conserving the environment. Members of the club participated in a tree-planting exercise. The key message, relayed to MOET’s students, was that the natural environment has/will have an impact on the success of their lives. Therefore, we should be looking after the environment, and it will look after us.Read More

Meet Meria!

Meet the MOET student that’s going places. You may remember that last academic year, 70% of MOET’s Standard 8 class not only made in through primary school but also qualified for secondary school – an incredible achievement by Malawi standards. And now for some more exciting news… The same academic year, we had an exceptional former-MOET student flourish at Secondary School: Meria Kasambala. She scored 10 points over her 6 best subjects including English in her MSCE. For those of you unfamiliar with the grading system in Malawi, A* (star)=1 point, A=2, B=3, C=5 etc. Therefore, Meria averaged between an A*… Read More

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