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April 2018 Report – Student Activities during Holiday

Students had time off classes for two weeks due to holiday, as they prepare to start their third term. MOET encourages students to get engaged with activities that can help develop their future. During this holiday period, pupils were still visiting the institution to assist with watering the vegetable garden and cleaning the library (as seen in the pictures below). These activities complement the usual vocational skill training. Pupils choose to participate out of their own free will. This is a clear indication that pupils are proud of their school and see everything as an opportunity to learn and better… Read More

April 2018 Report – End of Term Exam

Second school terms closed in early April. Standard Eight pupils crammed for studies and persevered in racking their brains to achieve better results during their Mock Examinations. Credit to the MOET teachers who had to endure hot weather in order to get students’ work marked (graded) and processed before closure date. The pictures below give a flavour for the atmosphere during the last dates of March and early dates of April. Mock is a litmus test to help teachers know how many learners will be selected for National Secondary School.… Read More

March 2018 Update – MOET Action on Natural Medicines (ANAMED)

The MOET Outreach Programme provides integration of sustainable livelihood strategies in the Permaculture and Action on Natural Medicine Program (ANAMED). In the month, the MOET Outreach Officer, Christina Ngongonda, processed some artemisia into a herbal medicine, to be taken to the villages. Artemisia cures malaria and helps boost the immune system in the body.… Read More

March 2018 Update – Computer lessons extended to MOET teachers

To complement students’ exposure to computer operation, it was also deemed necessary to involve MOET teachers in computer operation lessons. This opportunity of involving staff to computer training is a rare one in Malawi. However, MOET thought this would simplify teacher’s computer class preparation and improve the computer literacy of teachers. The training was courtesy of MOET and the visiting German volunteers, Bernard and Paul.… Read More

March 2018 Update – MOET Vocational Skills Department attracts German visitor

Apart from providing formal academic education, MOET provides extra-curricular education such as vocational skills and training. Having heard about this, Bernard, a German volunteer, decided to visit the institution in the month. Being a computer technician, Bernard’s expertise will be invaluable in the area of computer maintenance and training.… Read More

March 2018 Update – New Head Teacher Introduced as School Term Closes

MOET Head Teacher, Charles Matabwa, resigned from his position due to a bad disc, which prevented him from carrying his duties normally. Charles tendered his resignation back in December 2017. To maintain the school academics, the new Head Teacher, Peter Siginala joined MOET early in the month. The below picture was taken during the closure of the second school academic term on 29th March 2018, following Good Friday on 30th, and the Easter Holiday. On this closing day, pupils who passed their exams with the top 3 grades, were awarded with presents. This is done to celebrate their efforts and… Read More

February 2018 Update – Wildlife Trip

You may have read Bernd Möllmann’s blog post, but one Friday morning in February, a mixed group of three teachers and 16 pupils of different ages, went to the lakeshore and visited Lake Malawi National Park at Cape Maclear. After an introduction by the Parks and Wildlife Assistant (PWA) about the history of the park, he led a tour through the museum of the park. In the museum he talked about the plenty of endemic fish species living in Lake Malawi. He asked many things and let children explain what they knew and added the missing information. The highlight of… Read More

February 2018 Update – National Reading Program Update

As communicated in the January 2018 Report, National Reading Programs were introduced by Malawi’s Ministry of Education.  MOET is in full support of the program and as a result, in February, library services for senior students have been revisited. Senior students are now permitted to visit the MOET library on a daily basis. MOET takes pride in ensuring that books are available for them as needed.… Read More

February 2018 Update – Social Interaction through Manual Work

MOET, as an organisation, not only provides orphans with an education. It also prepares them to be self-motivated and reliant. To achieve this, there has to be a conducive environment for social interaction between students, teachers and all support staff. To facilitate such an environment, the annual organised manual work day was held, where staff and pupils interacted. This year, the function took place on February 1st. The day was a big success with activities consisting of tree planting, weed slashing, general cleanup.… Read More

February 2018 Update – Nursery Beds Establishment at MOET

MOET established an irrigation system. This was a good opportunity to show the students the advantages of using growing techniques that conserve soil and water. They were also taught that mulched nursery bed preserve moisture and enough sunlight for seed germination and the growth of tender plants. The demonstration provided the children with hand-on skills of keeping their soil resources valuable for their livelihoods.Read More

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