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Every year MOET distribute clothes to the orphans at school. An accumulation of various donations of clothes from different well wishers who visit or send to MOET make this to be possible. This year MOET distributed clothes to all the children starting from the nursery up to standard 8.  MOET continue to thank all those who help the children and those intending to do so we say thank you in advance..… Read More


MOET appreciate the work done by volunteers .Marie Blankenburg &Fabian Steuer from Germany helped the school a lot .Because of their wonderful work   MOET staff contributed money and  organized a party on 9th August where we had a boat ride to the Thumbi island at Cape Maclear .We all had to swim in the beautiful Lake Malawi. Lunch, drinks and fruits were provided .The party had to reach its climax at Mpemba cottage(volunteers home).Disco, assorted drinks, snacks were saved to participants. Speeches were there to open the night party .It was sad to miss Marie  and Fabian .See you… Read More

New Volunteers from Germany arrive to spend a year at MOET

On 3rd September 2011 after ten days of orientation in Lilongwe we arrived in Mpemba Cottage our home for the next year. We are Lena Braun and Hanna Miéville two 19year old GIZ volunteers from Germany.  We will support the teachers of MOET Primary School in Mathematics and English in Standard 7 and 8. Furthermore we will continue the computer lessons for the older children, will do the dancing club and we plan to give extra tutoring for Standard 8 students. In our first two weeks we developed the new master timetable for Standard 5 to 8 and we wrote… Read More

5 fantastic weeks volunteering at MOET School

By Merry Ford I’ve recently returned from a fantastic 5 weeks at MOET, where I was teaching English and Maths to Standard 7 children progressing into Standard 8. I had a wonderful time getting to know the children and the staff, who were all incredibly friendly and welcoming.… Read More

End of Term at MOET School

Looking back at the last three months five events are especially worth mentioning. Shortly after Easter we were happy to welcome our FOMOE trustees, Angela Head and Stuart Brand, to our school. They brought clothes and learning materials from England which we received gratefully. As a main happening during their visit they officially opened a new toilet block, built behind the vocational training block and a water tower. – Patterson-… Read More

Farewell from Weltwaerts Volunteers, Marie & Fabien

Our 10 months at MOET was spent  mainly teaching English, Mathematics and giving computer lessons.   In the computer lessons the children have mastered the use of Word therefore we could proceed to another program called “paint.” They are able to write and print in different fonts.  An important improvement is our provision of dictionaries  in Standard 6,7, and 8 (Thanks to a £500 donation from Sage Publishing). … Read More

First impressions from new volunteer from London – Merry 6th July 2011

I have so far spent two days at the school, learning about how things are done.  It strikes me as a really wonderful place, everyone is so positive and happy, and every teacher and student was welcoming to me.… Read More

A Return to Malawi

It was all my grandson’s fault. His boat was in dry dock and he had earned quite a bit  by was of tips from his generous guests, so he suggested he and I might take a look at the AIDS orphans’ charity that I am involved with in Malawi.… Read More

Boots Pharmacy raises money for MOET School

The Boots Pharmacy team of Padstow, in Cornwall, put on a huge fundraiser recently and managed to raise a huge amount of money for FOMOE.  With the crowds of tourists starting to descend on the small seaside town for summer, the Boots team decided the time was right to put on their long planned ‘Africa Day’ and raise funds and awareness about the MOET school. … Read More

Spring Update from the Headmaster, Patterson – new toilet, guardian meeting, permaculture meeting, school inspection, nursery class and school uniform

NEW TOILET In a bid to improve the health of the children at MOET  a new toilet is being built with funding from the Friends of MOET in UK (FOMOE).    GUARDIAN MEETING Every term guardians of the children at MOET are invited to the school. The purpose of these meetings are to discuss problems related to the children’s welfare. This term a meeting was held on 28th March 2011. Guardians and teachers at MOET discussed issues which included: punctuality of the children, absenteeism, class performance of children and the role of the guardians to the orphans. The guardians also… Read More

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MOET School is entirely dependent on donations and goodwill. Regular and single donations will help secure the future of the school on a day to day basis and could fund further outreach programs to help the community at large.

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There are many ways you can help raise funds – be it organizing an event in your company or community or getting sponsorship for something you dare yourself (and possibly others) to do, or simply remembering to shop online via the portal.

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Want to volunteer? MOET School values volunteers. Whether you are 18 or 68, stay for one week or one year, we value your contribution. You don’t need a degree or a professional qualification or to pay for the privilege of volunteering at the school, you just need a warm heart and a focused mind.

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