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November 2018 Report – Primary education advisors and teachers meeting

Primary Education Advisors (P.E.A) visited MOET for inspection in November, and they held a meeting with teachers. The meeting was scheduled to ensure the broad –based development of pupils. The role of Primary Education Advisors is to approve the standards of accredited education institutions to be in line with government standards and curriculum. For example, having professional teachers, learning and teaching materials to ensure that learners have access to quality education.   … Read More

November 2018 Report – Internship for MOET students

MOET provides internship for their students who complete secondary education. Three boys have done well with their Form 4 Examination but were just staying at home. MOET decided to given them an opportunity to teach at a certain Secondary School called Namazizi. These intern teachers will be paid at the end of the month. This is something interesting and very financially relieving for them. It is also an encouragement to other students to work hard so that they can be accorded with the similar opportunity. Thanks to management of the school. … Read More

November 2018 Report – Maintenance of school toilets

After using the pit latrines for over 10 years, it was observed that the pits were full. Doing it in a Permaculture way, which make full use of the available land resources, MOET engaged a local firm to drain the toilets so that they became user friendly. The process involved establishing a pit just outside the constructed pit and perforate the bottom part. This drains the contents inside the pit. A total of eight pit latrines were maintained in the month in this manner as seen in the pictures below. Read More

November 2018 Report – Marketing course at MOET

In the month, we had a short Marketing course at MOET. Some key staff that were involved in fundraising, were invited to attend the marketing course. The aim of the training was to add the skills of promoting products being sold by MOET, to as a fundraising. The course included marketing strategies such as the focusing on the product, packaging, pricing, promotion and place of sale. It also included storage management of products, ways of reducing channels of distribution to improve profit margin of products and personal selling skills. Read More

November 2018 Report – Harvesting of Ripe Mangoes at MOET

We are in mango season and fruits are everywhere, being left to rot. MOET encourages wise utilization of food resources to sustain nutrition and enhance people’s health during fruit lean season. At MOET, the ripe fruits were collected in November to be prepared for both preservation and for sale. Mango fruit season starts in October, and depending on the variety of the mangoes, ends in January. By February, all the mangoes disappear and until now, there’s no initiative being taken to preserve them beyond their harvest season. Permaculture is bringing more fruits production at MOET and in the target villages… Read More

October 2018 Report – MOET Pupils receive Bilharzia Medicine

Bilharzia is one of the diseases that is spread through snails found in contaminated fresh water. (A disease caused by infection with freshwater parasitic worms in certain tropical and subtropical countries.) The disease is especially common among children, along the Great Rift Valley in developing countries, as they are more likely to play in contaminated water. As a routine that ensures good health of the pupils, MOET distributed Bilharzia medication to pupils in October. The requirement is that medication should be provided to children at least once a year. Children are also looked after, to ensure improved access to clean… Read More

October 2018 Report – Donations From Friends

October was a month of blessings. MOET received gifts from Friends of Mangochi Orphans’ Education (FOMOE) in England. We would like to let our friends know that the gifts came in good order and were well-received. The contents included clothes, balls, school learning materials, books etc. This will help provide quality education and long term support to our pupils. We have dedicated the items to the education and sports department. Read More

October 2018 Report – Harvesting Of Bananas

If you didn’t already know, MOET is one of Mangochi’s pioneering schools in proudly advocating and practicing the Permaculture Program. This program improve the environment and food insecurity in Malawi. It also attracts visitors to our school. We are doing everything possible to set a model for the pupils and the community to follow. One activity in the month involved harvesting bunches of bananas. The plantations were planted in the Permaculture Program. The bananas will be used as fruits, after meals for the pupils, under school feeding program. Read More

October 2018 Report – MOET Hold a Parents And Teachers Association Meeting

MOET consider parents (usually guardians) as partners to confide with, when building a successful future of a child. To achieve this, the institution routinely hold meeting with parents to discuss progress and to resolve challenges together. One such meeting took place in October where participants were discussing Standard 8 learners. The aim of the meeting was to find better ways of perfecting excellence at the school, together, to boost selection of pupils as they prepare for their exams next year. Read More

October 2018 Report – MOET’s new Vocational Skills Assistant

14 years ago, Yamikani Luka enrolled at MOET Primary School in Standard 2 when he was living with his Uncle at Makawa village, which is within the MOET catchment area. Life for Luka was initially miserable, as support from his uncle was inadequate. MOET took up the responsibility to support the boy and encouraged him to learn. Yamikani started working hard and thus; excelled in each and every class up to Standard 8. He got selected for Secondary school where, through MOET, a sponsor supported him with school fees and general needs up to Form 4. He passed Malawi School… Read More

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