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London Marathon 2020 – Running for MOET

After visiting MOET last summer and seeing the lives of children who do not receive an education Agustin Moreno Cozar set himself a goal to fundraise for the school. FOMOE was lucky enough to get a place in the London Marathon this year which Agustin will be running. Please help Agustin reach his £1,500 target through a donation to his London Marathon donation page or by sharing the link below. Agustin Moreno Cozar – Virgin Money Donation Page [External Link]… Read More

January update; Moet library gets a boost

Patterson was very pleased to return back from Germany with some more books for our library. Many people in Malawi enjoy reading but cannot afford to buy books. The books will help our students with subjects such as English, Maths and Science.  Moet students all have membership of our library and they are able to borrow the books and take them home. If you have any books that you would like to donate, please do let us know. … Read More

January report: A-maize-ing harvest boosted by irrigation and planning

Moet has an irrigation scheme where a number of crops such as tomatoes and maize are grown. The school garden has been boosted by the rains from last year. It continues to prove a great way for the children to learn about farming and planning. In fact, we often find that our crops are ready before local farms because of the planning and the irrigation system that we have built.  We continue to learn about permaculture on a daily basis, but using our resources wisely is something we are very proud of. … Read More

January update: Moet director returns from German conference and reunion with volunteers.

Moet director Patterson Majonanga has recently returned from Germany where he was able to meet with recent volunteers Paul Heck, Lena Braun and fundraising trustee Johannes Lau.  He also attended training and meeting on Sexual Violence which was funded by the German Government.  He was able to visit Frankfurt, Bonn, Trier and Koln during his travels as well as visiting the family of current volunteer Thomas Wilson.  He takes back his training from the conference to Moet, where he will lead ideas and strategies in the school.  Whilst he was in Germany, he also attended some primary school lessons to… Read More

January update: New Year brings exciting learning opportunities.

Moet has a proud tradition of supporting our learners with vocational skills as well as traditional academic routes. Skills such as carpentry, clothes-making, cooking and ICT all form part of our regular programme.  And this new year has brought new developments that will enable us to reach even more children with these skills.  We are pleased that with the help of the Solon Foundation, we have been able to start work on a carpentry and welding workshop.  The new shelter is spacious and well-ventilated.  We hope that through the development of these skills, we will help productivity and contribute to… Read More

December update- Building for the future

As the holidays are almost upon us, thoughts at Moet have turned to the building work that we are hoping to complete in 2020 and the great work that has already started.  Here’s a summary of all the work that we have been doing with your kind donations.   Better sanitation  The previous flooding that we experienced at MOET at the beginning of this year almost weakened all toilet structures and threatened water and sanitation problems. We appreciate the timely support from The Spear Family who came  to our rescue in helping putting up toilet structures that will stand the test… Read More

November update from our volunteer Thomas- Moet’s agricultural classes

Agricultural School  As MOET is an agricultural school, it puts a special emphasis  on teaching and training the learners the ways of agriculture and even permaculture. That is the reason why the standard six class of Mr. Mlenga went to the school gardens today and had a lesson of agriculture there to combine theoretical information with some first hand experience. Little learner’s expertise  On our way there, one little boy walking right next to me already told me the names of almost all plants on our way and even how to take care of them. The learners expertise when it comes to the issue… Read More

Moet sows seeds of permaculture advice

The good news of the permaculture work at Moet is spreading as visitors from Nkhoma orphanage in Lilongwe came to learn from our expertise. Moet was proud to show the visitors around the premises showing gardens, the vocational skills centre and the permaculture projects. The visitors were particularly keen to learn about the techniques used for natural medicine.  Can you help to support our permaculture projects further?  Contact Amy on … Read More

A terrific welcome to our new volunteer Thomas

  Moet is lucky enough to have the help of new volunteer Thomas Wilsonwho arrived in Malawi at the start of August. He will be giving us regular updates from the school and the work that he is doing.  He writes:  It all started for me in the summer when I arrived her in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa. I got picked up by Patterson, the director of Moet school and we started our journey to Mangochi. It seemed endless for me as I was very tired from my flight and already the sun was going down as I… Read More

Moet says thanks to its holiday volunteers

It has been a busy time for volunteers to visit Moet and to help with the children. In the past month, Moet has welcomed a total of five volunteers. Some visitors from France came to support students to get prepared before the start of this term. Moet has really noticed a difference in how prepared the students were for the start of this term as they were able to cover and revise work that had been covered in the last academic year. Students were also given food whilst they attended the lessons during the holidays. … Read More

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