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Patterson’s blog: Consulting with parents improves pupil voice

  This month, MOET has conducted a meeting with parents with an intention to discuss and agree with parents on the children welfare and on general discipline of pupils. This is a routine meeting that normally take place every year to reflect on the the general conduct and perfomance of students. The gathering also takes place to select a Mother Group which is an independent body that receive pupils concerns . They provide advice to the school administration as well as counselling whenever necessary.  At Moet, we greatly believe in empowering the community and meetings like this help pupils to… Read More

Patterson’s blog: Food encourages pupils to continue with their education

This month is known as a very lean month in Malawi which means that hunger looms in most households.  This happens because there is always far much less food in reserves .This means that prices rise to their very highest, driven by the law of demand and supply. Unfortunately many poor households find their prices exorbitant.  .At MOET, the reserves went short too and as such we had to replenish with more food to sustain our School feeding program. School feeding has encouraged learners to remain at  school. By helping Moet, you are not just helping the orphans but… Read More

Patterson’s blog: Permaculture brings food and profits

The permaculture programme at Moet is an expression of hopes, dreams and values but also provides a very useful source of income.  There are three dams and one pond of fish on the site and this month, we have harvested the fish in one of the dams. The harvested fish was either sold to staff or eaten by some of the boarders at lunchtime with great relish.  The rain water in January and February has made the dams very full so there was a plentiful supply.  Read More

Patterson’s report: Fixed borehole brings new water

Moet had to stop using the borehole five months ago because it was broken. It is quite old as it was dug in 2003 and we have been using it ever since. The lack of a borehole has caused some problems because when the power goes off, the water pump stops working and there was no way to access the water. This was problem for the boarders in particular, who obviously on site all the time.  This month, we have been able to buy the much needed parts and the borehole is fixed.  We now have a alternative water supply… Read More

Patterson’s blog: Toothbrush gift leads to smiles all round

Members of a Dutch hygiene organisation have showed they were bristling with generosity when they gave toothbrushes to help children in Moet.  Esther Teunissen came to give the toothbrushes and toothpaste personally. The children were delighted to see  Esther again as she also visited MOET last year and wanted to help further. The Hygiene Club has 21 pupils involved and encourages learners to maintain good hygiene and sanitation to keep their bodies and homes or surrounding clean to prevent diseases.  Its mission is exactly the same as the hygiene club in Netherland which is why Esther was so interested… Read More

Patterson’s blog: Keeping healthy and springing into the future with advice from health-care professionals

Pupils learnt about keeping healthy and fit with some clear advice from health care professionals this month.  Nurses and Clinicians from Koche Catholic Hospital visited MOET to check on their general health. They also distributed medicine as well as giving out iron and folic acid to the girls. The nurses and clinicians regularly visit and check  pupils as a way of ensuring that the learners are physically healthy. They also help with any mental health or issues that pupils may be experiencing.  They also provided advice  to the pupils  on the ways to prevent  diseases like HIV, AIDS and cholera.… Read More

Patterson’s blog: Donated cycles help pupils to get to school.

Donated cycles are helping pupils make their way to school and benefit from further educational opportunities. Children who are selected to attend the Community Day Secondary Schools can sometime find it difficult to get to the school as they are too far to walk to. This means they sometimes stay at home and then end up missing out on their education.  If they do end up walking, they are often too tired and worn out from the walking in order to concentrate.  A bike can travel four times the speed of a person which means that two hours of hard… Read More

Headmaster’s blog: Girls excel in carpentry classes

In a bid to continue to shape the lives of vulnerable and under-privileged learners into being bread winners of the future, MOET also provide vocational skills development and training to pupils.  Currently, performance of pupils in Computer Science has been encouraging. We also have a good number of girls who are doing exceptionally well in carpentry, a career which is mostly dominated by boys. It is really encouraging for Moet to try to do more in helping to fight gender inequalities.  Three senior classes of 5, 6 and 7 attend the vocation skills development and training programs.  These are the… Read More

Headmaster’s blog: Moet pupils show their sporting spirit

Recently, we have been privileged to have football and netball matches with Hanafi Private Primary School. These matches were a cause for celebration as MOET football team went away triumphant . The  final score was  three goals to nil.   Our netball team lost so that was a consolation to Hanafi. It was a fun day with plenty of fine sportsmanship exhibited from both sides.   MOET encourage sports activities to learners to keep their bodies and mind physically fit. Read More

Headmaster’s blog: Library proven to accelerate pupil progress at Moet

Recent media attention has been placed on the importance of libraries with the release of the film about Malawian engineer William Kamkwamba who taught himself how to build electric windmills after borrowing books from his school library. Thanks to your kind donations, Moet is lucky enough to have a library. This is a facility which is missing in most government schools that are in the area and could lead to Moet children learning the same skills as “The boy who harnessed the wind. ”  A recent meeting of Primary Education Advisors ( PEAs) took place at the school where many… Read More

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