Volunteer Johannes meets Piers Agget from hit pop band Rudimental in Malawi

Johannes writes:       Another highlight of my stay was meeting a group of asungus in front of Mangochi’s “People’s Metro” supermarket, who, as I learnt later were the famous UK band Rudimental and a group of other artists playing at a festival in CapeMaclear 2 days later. Seeing the possibility of avoiding an overcrowded truck, I asked them if they could take me up to my school, what they – like any western band with a couple of UK/US no. 1 hits probably would have done – accepted.

Piers Agget from Rudimental and me

Having forgotten my big bag of laundry in their minibus, I had no choice but to take one of the overcrowded matolas (pickups) to the venue at CapeMaclear. A choice, that has apparently been made by half of the other volunteers from South-Eastern Africa as well. Even more surprisingly, I met a South African, who told me that she is part of a group of 4 girls volunteering at Palm Beach since August 2015, which is just 15km away from MOET! It was her as well, who told me that Rudimental was scheduled to play later that night. Slightly more intimidated than the last time, I approached the group of which I now knew Rudimental was part of, to find out that my laundry has made its way to a room in their lodge. After a night of partying with an uncountable number of volunteers around, I went to their lodge and had a few Fantas with some slightly hungover artists including some Rudimental until someone found my laundry bag maybe an hour later. On my way out, I was lucky enough to get a photo with band member Piers Agget as a remembrance.

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